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      News Guangdong

      Brazil can learn from China to overcome middle-income trap: Brazilian economist

      “The Chinese miracle is - transform poor people into consumers, because the most important drive to the growth of a country is consumers. In 5 years, China will have doubled the number of consumers as the United States.” said economist Paulo Feldmann in an exclusive interview with GDToday.

      Animation exhibition featuring modern artworks underway in Guangzhou

      A painting highlighting medical workers and volunteers conducting nucleic acid tests in Guangzhou went viral on social media platforms some time ago.

      No one takes body temperature at Guangzhou South Railway Station? Because of these artifacts!

      At Guangzhou South Railway Station, many technological products have been used in epidemic prevention and control, improving the effectiveness of epidemic prevention.

      Highlights on Tokyo Olympics: what impress you most?

      Since the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, the athletes have created countless wonderful moments. For example, Su Bingtian broke the Asian record, Yang Qian won the first gold medal in this Olympic, Gong Lijiao participated in the Olympic Games four times and finally won the gold medal. The Olympic spirit is inspiring as always.
      Guangdong in a CenturyThe 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the CPC

      Thunderstorm will hit Guangzhou in the next few days

      At present, most areas of Guangzhou are experiencing heavy rainfall, including Huadu District, Baiyun District, and Zengcheng District with heavy rain and lightning.

      Guangzhou to build a new footbridge linking Ersha Island and Wuyang New Town

      A new footbridge linking Ersha Island and Wuyang New Town will be built across the Ershachong River, according to the Guangzhou Municipal transportation Bureau.

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